Designing Playful Products

Nine principles for including children in collaborative, rapid R&D

As part of our Play Sandbox process, we commissioned a piece of research to explore what happens when you include children and young people in the process of rapid R&D.

Alison Oldfield and Helen Manchester of the University of Bristol's Graduate School of Education conducted a piece of action research, working with our project teams and with our Young Coaches to find out more about the process. 

Its findings are aimed at individuals or organisations interested in involving children or young people in design processes, particularly in relation to digital play products or services for children or in rapid, collaborative environments.

The research has led to a set of nine principles to consider when involving children in designing products, services or technologies. 

We hope these will be of use for people looking to do similar collaborative design with children in effective, meaningful ways.

You can download both the Executive Summary and the Full Report below.