Sydney Gardens in Bath were developed as a Georgian pleasure garden, but today the swingboats, labyrinth and elaborate ‘Cosmorama’ are all gone. Ghosts in the Garden takes audiences on a journey to rediscover the physical space of the modern park with its own past as a pleasure garden. Present-day visitors meet and interact with real characters from the Gardens’ heyday, in a game where history, stories and imagination meet.

Splash and Ripple are ‘Architects of Extraordinary Adventures.’ Their mission is to make beautiful, genuinely moving experiences that put the participants at the centre of the action. These experiences are intensified through being set in the real world where normality is suspended. Their two major projects - Ghosts in the Garden and A Knight’s Peril – offer heritage sites a radical new approach to interpretation using new technology and game design. The collaboration will evaluate the impact, on both the ‘public’ and the industry, of co-designed, non-linear, playful, affective and experiential group learning. This will be translated into insight for the delivery of historical interpretation at British sites of heritage