What makes us human? Do our minds control our bodies or are we compelled by urges, compulsions and appetites? When gothic novels were first written, their pace and content were designed to raise heart beats and send shivers down the spine. Using participants' bio-data to shape the experience, Hyde is a pervasive media adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde. Part game, part theatrical production, it is an embodied novel that reclaims the transgressive power of Robert Louis Stevenson’s writing. Once equipped the player can interact with the maze by blowing open doors, holding one’s breath to solve puzzles or raising one’s heartbeat for hints. Inside the maze is Hyde, who is hunting you down. 

Slingshot make and stage games; from mass participation spectaculars to mobile phone adventures. Hyde will be a visitor attraction, a permanent installation that visitors will purchase tickets to visit and play in. Imagine the London Dungeon meets the video game Portal, with a Jekyll and Hyde theme. This project will seek to deliver a full-scale prototype of the bio-activated horror maze. Anthony Mandal will work with SlingShot on game design (e.g. mechanics, imagery, themes, adaptation of the literary elements) and preparing necessary content, and will undertake additional research on Stevenson, which will feed back into the project.