Naked Objects is developing a display case that uses the glass as a projection screen and that contains the latest tracking technology to ensure content is tailored for each visitor. The case will project content such as facts, video, imagery and sound to entice users to participate. As the visitor’s level of engagement increases, the case will respond and present new information tailor-made for the user e.g. associated factual, contextual data, images and/or digital renditions of the object. The system monitors and learns from user interactions by capturing usage patterns, interactions, users’ commentary and pathways. The gathered data will provide invaluable information to curators; enabling a quantifiable picture of what sparks curiosity, learning and engagement when examining an object and exploring the facts, stories and contextual information associated with it. The project is a collaboration between digital agency Aerian and the team at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection.

Aerian is a digital agency looking to develop intelligent software. Their prototype involved taking a museum case, augmenting the physically displayed object with digital information, and turning the glass front of the display into an interface that enables users to interactively explore and discover more. The product is powered by a web application, creating a system that captures real world interactions and patterns in order to deliver intelligence to the museum and experiential industries about user engagement with objects. The University of Bristol Theatre Collection will provide the curatorial expertise necessary to help shape the analytics package, ensuring it is more than just ‘fit for purpose’ for the museum industry.