Inspired by the Quipu, the knotted thread communication system of the Inca Empire, this project captures the stories of people affected by Peru’s unconsented sterilization policy, which targeted over 300,000 indigenous women in the 1990s. Providing an important voice for Peru's hard to reach communities this project aims for maximum possible participation. By combining low and high-tech technologies, Quipu records and distributes personal oral histories, alongside an audio-based interactive platform connecting this living documentary to the rest of the world.

Chaka Studio is a media production company specialising in documentary and interactive narrative. Their goal is to become industry leaders in this space by placing collaboration and co-creation at the heart of their practice. The Quipu Project is an interactive documentary about the men and women who were sterilised in Peru in the mid 1990s without consent and who are still seeking justice. At its core it is a unique method for online participation and civic engagement – an interactive phone line directly linked to a live website. This partnership will allow the team to explore the potential of this method and learn how to abstract the key principles into the fields of civic engagement, academia, social activism and third sector activity.