Artists collective Circumstance and Tom Abba of UWE Bristol will work with leading authors Nick Harkaway and Neil Gaiman to explore what the book, the editor and the author could be on a digital-first platform. They will invite an audience to participate in a narrative experience; accessing, altering and writing a locative story that will showcase the possibilities of the form and challenge traditional publishing norms.

Circumstance are an artist collective making cinematic experiences, often in public space. ‘these pages fall like ash’ was a story told across two books, one a beautiful crafted object, the other a digital text on hard drives around the city. The process of making it led the team to explore the potential of combining their core business in experiential events with developments in publishing that make good business sense. A Volume of Circumstance will identify a route to creating revenues from new products. Circumstance has a close working relationship with Tom Abba who has joined the company as a Director. He is concerned with expanding hybrid digital/physical forms and understanding and articulating impact. He will be interrogating user feedback to inform future work in this area.