REACT Report and Sandbox How to Guide launched today

Two new documents sharing our learning

We’re thrilled to be publishing the REACT Report today. The report distils our learning from the past four years, and celebrates the great potential of collaboration between universities and the creative sector. 

We believe this report will make a valuable contribution to future policy and practice for universities and creative organisations seeking to work together. 

At its heart REACT was about working together. Not only to support the 53 incredible projects that we funded, but also to develop a network of talented people, companies, researchers, and institutions. 

The report argues for the value of that network, and how understanding the values, ambitions, dispositions and talents of the people that make up that network is essential for making real world impacts, for innovation, and for growth in the creative sector.

You can download the REACT Report here

We are also pleased to announce that Watershed’s Sandbox methodology, which was central to the work of REACT, is being open-sourced today on a creative commons licence.

The Sandbox methodology, developed by Watershed, is a system for supporting people to take creative risks within a carefully curated community, providing individuals and small companies with space, money and time to work on their most exciting ideas. 

Working together allowed us to experiment with the Sandbox model, reflect on its methods, and codify its values in new ways. Watershed have now taken that learning and created Watershed Sandbox: A How To Guide, which equips others to develop their own approaches to supporting innovation.

You can download Watershed Sandbox: A How To Guide here