We all know that death is the future

Exploring Arnos Vale's landscape like you've never seen it before

This event was billed as an event where the Victorian past and digital present are woven together, bringing to life the heritage scattered within the ground of Arnos Vale Cemetery, and it was exactly that. The Future Cemetery team worked with Arnos Vale to interject their own questioning around death into their tour of this 45 acre haven in the bustling suburban Bristol. Deploying audio and projection technologies alongside theatre, they created a new carefully crafted narrative experience which subtly opened up debates around the future of the cemetery, death planning and respect for the various 'communities of the dead.' 

The tour started off at the Spielman centre and went on to the crypt area where an incredibly annoying gentleman on a mobile telephone traversed across gravestones attempting to find a way out of the cemetery. An act so convincing which pushed some of the guests on the tour to intervene and forcefully remove him from the scene. These interventions continued as more characters from the past emerged alongside mobile light projections and triggered sound installations added a new layer to the routes through the cemetery.

It was a day of ideas realised and rainbows, here's a few photographs I managed to capture throughout the day.