Thriving in a sandbox

A manifesto for a flourishing sandbox...

We have just kicked off the first Heritage Sandbox meeting, which is pretty exciting, hearing about the project's plans for the next three months. As part of the introduction, I shared what I thought the manifesto for a flourishing sandbox project might be:

Be Free

Take risks, forget about the rules around your normal working lives, or what you said you would deliver. Suspend your disbelief and explore all areas of your idea - this is the best way to deliver something truly innovative.

Test Often

We aren't obsessed by technology but by how people will interact with the experience designed. The only way to know this is to try things out with people. Testing can be done with paper and pen, it can be a script read aloud. It should be done early and often.

Use Eachother

The Heritage Sandbox cohort is an amazingly skilled bunch of people coming from across heritage, academic research and the creative economy. Share learning. Ask questions. Test each other's work.

Use Us

We are the sandbox projects biggest fans. As a team we will act as cheerleaders, brokers and advocates - before the process and afterwards. Projects that share their hopes and fears are projects we can support better.

Tell the story

Share the story with the wider world. Share it through the blog. Spot stories and let us know about them. Six projects working together enabes a bigger news pull than on their own. Capitalise on this.