An Invitation- The Memory of Theatre

Do you have a memory of seeing a show at Bristol Old Vic that has stayed with you?Do you have a memory of performing on the Theatre Royal Stage?Do

Do you have a memory of something that happened to you or that you saw in the building but not on the stage, something personal that’s memorable, for instance a significant meeting, a conversation with friends, a moment when courting or an encounter with one of Bristol Old Vic’s ghosts.

We invite you to gift this memory to the collection.

First we would like to invite you to take us to the place where the event happened and to tell us about it, to tell us your story of Bristol Old Vic. In exchange for your memory we offer a cup of tea and conversation. We’ll record your recollections and promise to look after them for future audiences to hear.

About The Memory of Theatre

Performances are ephemeral, but theatre has an afterlife in our memories and the stories we tell about it. This summer, as Bristol Old Vic reopens and looks to the future, The Memory of Theatre invites audiences to remember the past.  We invite you to share your memories with Bristol Old Vic so that we can record them and enable future audiences to hear your stories where they originally happened.

In this first experimental phase, the memories we collect will be stored at the theatre and then shared with visitors using new technology, which can locate you in precise locations within a building.  Other ways of sharing your memories with future generations will be found as technology evolves, making our theatre (like all the best theatres) rich with the memories of the people who visit it.

If you would like to gift a memory, please send an email to with your name, contact details (including telephone number) and a brief description of what your memory is.  If you prefer, you can also write to The Memory of Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, King Street, Bristol BS1 4ED.

We are hoping to select around twenty memories for this initial phase of the project, and hope to trial the final experience with audiences at Bristol Doors Open Day this September.