Inspire Heritage

Five inspiring stories exploring meaningful experiences for our heritage spaces and places, from the Guardian's facebook app to Uncovering the secrets

For anyone who missed the 'Inspire Heritage' event, it was a fantastic event, with some truly inspiring talks on ground breaking heritage projects. Here is the programme from the event and films from the presentations will be available soon here on the Heritage Sandbox website.

Lindsey Green,Partner,Frankly, Green + Webb

Everything changes: What can we learn from product development in mobile interpretation? 

The mobile interpretation industry is over 50 years old and has gone through many radical shifts. What can we learn from these experiences to improve how we develop and distribute innovative digital products?

Lindsey Green- Everything changes: What can we learn from product development in

Tom Grinsted,Product Manager,Guardian News and Media

(Yet another) technology-revolution. Engaging users with engaging content

Social Media offers both huge opportunities and many challenges for content creators to engage with and reach new audiences. Tom will present two case studies, one from IWM and one from The Guardian, exploring these issues.

Mike Ellis,Director,Thirty8 Digital

Forget the objects, tell the stories

Storytelling has been at the centre of human existence since we first crept out of the swamp and huddled round a campfire. Although many people working in museums have always known how important this is, it's taken a while for others to fully embrace how central stories are to producing engaging content. Mike will talk through five inspirational story-telling examples from the heritage sector and reflect on the challenges and lessons learned.

Mike Ellis- Forget the Objects, Tell the Stories

Katy Beale,Creative Director, Caper

Making Things Fast

Katy will speak about how rapid prototyping is changing the digital landscape of arts, culture and heritage. She'll talk about developing projects such as Culture Hack and Happenstance, their impact and what it took to get them off the ground.

Jon Harris,Technical Support Services Team Leader, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

What Happens Now?

What people should consider when installing digital/technology from an operational point of view? How you communicate when things are broken/not working properly. How robust do things need to be to service the kinds of visitors you have?