Filming the Memory of Theatre

Centre stage at Bristol Old Vic... well not quite, as the Memory of Theatre team get in amongst the builders to capture their project in situ.

Just before the Bristol Old Vic is due to throw open it's doors to a newly refurbished auditorium it seemed fitting to be documenting a project which looks back to a space that is steeped in history and the only surviving 18th century theatre. Memory of Theatre places the many treasured moments as collected memories back into the very places they took place.Bristol Old Vic auditorium under refurbishment

Director Tom Morris recounts the tale of a man who originally frequented the theatre in the 1930s to watch pantomimes, but then got into trouble with the law and didn't return between the years 1939 and 2010, a 70 year gap!!... He came back to sit in the same spot he remembered, he described the old benches, he described watching a pantomime in the 1930's when a man was dressed up as a woman and actually remembered the song and sang the song from 1930s. There's definitely something powerful about listening to these recolections placed back in the spaces where they were originally experienced and we were lucky enough, thanks to Matthew from Mayk to get special access to the auditorium to film and listen to some of the recorded memories... here's a quick sneak peek at the space and our adventurous day filming.

Paul Clarke directing Geoff Taylor the film maker

Paul Clarke & Cliff Randell at Bristol Old Vic