Announcing Future Documentary Sandbox Projects

We're pleased to announce six successful Future Documentary Sandbox projects that will explore the future for the documentary form.

Today I’m pleased to announce the successful Future Documentary Sandbox projects; Six new collaborations between academics and creative companies to develop forward thinking propositions exploring the future for the documentary form. I’m so pleased that we have such a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines in the cohort and an amazing melting pot of ideas and approaches, bringing together leading academic researchers and experts in documentary filmmaking and digital innovation.

So what exactly is a future documentary? I guess no one’s entirely sure, but I’ve been researching towards the answer to this question for some time now as producer for this Sandbox, and I think this cohort of projects really will grapple with some really important questions in the field of future factual storytelling. Like how participation and online collaboration might influence editorial control and question authenticity? And how can digital technologies and storytelling work together to create meaningful, accessible and inclusive experiences?

The projects range from the enigmatic story of ORION, a mysterious unknown singer thrust into the spotlight masquerading as Elvis back from the grave …to an interactive film about Boron, possibly the most boring element in the interactive periodic table of elements? …or is it? Find out when the projects start work at the beginning of September and follow their progress as they blog on the project pages of this site. Be sure to let us know your thoughts along the way, as we test, experiment and make things fast.