Help REACT get to SXSW 2014

REACT have proposed two panels for SXSW 2014 in Texas, interrogating and celebrating possible futures for documentary and the book. Now we need your v

Building on from the Platforms for Haunting panels REACT ran at SXSW in Texas last year, REACT have proposed two more panels for the 2014 celebration of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity. These proposals have got through the first stage, but we now need to get enough public votes to make sure the panels go ahead.

Here's the full details of our proposed panels:

Co-Creating Reality: Future Documentary

This panel will change the way you make film – forever. Documentary tells the truth, or at least a truth; but what happens when documentary is co-created with the artists formerly known as the audience? What happens to editorial control when filmmakers work with audience as co-producers from the get go? From fans of a mysterious masked Elvis to isolated Peruvian communities this panel, curated by REACT Hub, explores communities as co-creators within recent 'Future Documentary' productions. Leading UK filmmakers will discuss how they hold on to what's great about documentary (it's ability to elicit empathy, impart wisdom and inspire change) whilst exploring the new forms of engagement enabled by the internet, mobiles and changing audience behaviours.

You can vote for Co-Creating Reality here

Future Books: never the same story twice

The first readers of Jekyll and Hyde huddled in the eerie candlelight of smog-filled London and were chilled to the core. If the Kindle challenges the potential for this kind of immersion, what affordances do other technologies allow for total audience engagement, and what are the commercial and creative opportunities of the Future Book? This panel will explore these issues through the lens of two extraordinary projects: 'Jekyll 2.0' (by Slingshot + Anthony Mandal), a sensor-driven adaptation for the age of the bio-hacker, requiring players to experience fear to move the narrative on, and 'these pages fall like ash' (by Tom Abba + Circumstance), a digital-physical hybrid created in collaboration with authors Nick Harkaway and Neil Gaiman where readers explore a city to discover (and write) the story. Both projects blend form and function to create an entirely new type of book experience, challenging publishing norms and unleashing possibility.

You can vote for Future Books here